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JIS B 8341:2008
Displacement Compressors - Acceptance Tests

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Publisher:    Japanese Standards Association
JIS B 8341:1995

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Published:   20 Mar 2008  
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Pages: 38


Defines testing procedures for reciprocating and rotary compressors having pressure ratio of about 2 or more, including vacuum pumps, at industrial plants by using air at ordinary pressure and ordinary temperature. When inspecting and testing compressors under special conditions or to be used for special gases, this Standard shall be applied by appropriate selection and supplementation on agreement between the parties concerned with the delivery. However, for small-size compressors having shaft powers of 11 kW or less or compressors used for air charging, their performance may be judged by means of the air tank charging method or the method of using a float type area flowmeter or a flowmeter of equivalent precision as defined in Appendix of this Standard.


2008(R2012) [22/10/2012]
2008 [20/03/2008]
95 [01/03/1995]

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