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ANSTAT Victorian Legislation Package SE1867
Aged Care (Victoria)

The Aged Care Legislation Package is an initiative developed by the Aged Care Association of Victoria Ltd and the Victorian Association of Health and Extended Care (VAHEC) in conjunction with Anstat, official publishers of legislation on behalf of the State of Victoria.

The service has been designed to assist aged care providers to meet accreditation standards and comply with legal requirements and is an essential management tool for providers of aged care services who need to be kept informed of the latest legislative reforms to the industry.

The service contains over 20 titles of relevant legislation including the Aged Care Act 1997/112, Aged Care Consequential Provisions Act 1997/114, Aged Care Principles 1997, Drugs and Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981/9719 and Drugs and Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2006/57.

This Subscription Service includes a Hardcopy establishment package in addition to monthly electronic email alerts which provide the detail of legislative changes that are proposed or have occurred to each individual piece of legislation contained within the service, for 1 year, in subsequent years you will only be invoiced for a yearly update renewal fee.

This package also has the Law Informer add-on available. The SAI Global legislation alert service - Law Informer, will notify you by email within 24 hours of publicly announced changes to, or introduction of new legislation relating to, your ANSTAT legislation service.

Law Informer includes: -

  • Amendments to Acts and Regulations as they happen
  • Plain English summaries of those changes written by legal editors
  • Links to source documents via Lawlex
  • Access to Lawlex basic services
  • Access to the legislation hotline helpdesk

For more information about this product click here , or contact ANSTAT on (03) 9278 1144.

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