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CTI STD 201:2011
Performance Rating Of Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment

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General Product Information

Document Type Standard
Status Superseded
Publisher:    Cooling Technology Institute
Superseded Date 01 Aug 2013
Superseded By:
CTI STD 201RS:2013
CTI STD 201OM:2013
CTI STD 201:2009

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Published:   01 Apr 2011  
Delivery Time:   up to 10 days
Pages: 28

Table of Contents

1.0 Purpose
2.0 Scope
3.0 Definitions
4.0 Compliance
5.0 Operation of Program
6.0 Certification Program Committee
7.0 Testing Procedures
8.0 Complaint Procedures
9.0 Conformance
10.0 Cost of Program
A - References (Normative)
B - Cooling Towers
C - Closed Circuit Coolers
D - Evaporative Refrigerant Condensers
E - Data of Record
F - Fan Coverage
G - Test Failure 
G - Test Failure 
H - Certification Approval
I - Certification Label Design


Defines a program whereby the Cooling Tower Institute will certify that all models of a line of evaporative heat rejection equipment offered for sale by a specific Manufacturer will perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer's published ratings.


2011 [01/04/2011]
2009 [01/01/2009]

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