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ATA 105:2005
Guidelines For Training And Qualifying Personnel In Non-destructive Testing Methods

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Document Type Standard
Status Superseded
Publisher:    Air Transport Association
Superseded By:
ATA 105:2009

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Serves as a guideline for the development of a training program for personnel who accomplish non-destructive testing tasks. Describes an approach for preparing a curriculum for an airline's maintenance training program and for qualifying individuals to conduct aircraft inspections.


2005.1 [01/03/2005]
2002.1 [01/03/2002]
2000.1 [01/03/2000]
REV 5 [01/08/1998]
REV 4 [01/09/1993]
REV 3 [21/08/1992]
REV 2 [15/02/1991]

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