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ANSI A10.8-2011
Scaffolding Safety Requirements

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Document Type Standard
Status Current
Publisher:    The American Society of Safety Engineers
Committee A10
ANSI A10.8-2001

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Published:   01 Nov 2011  
Pages: 126
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Published:   01 Nov 2011  
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Pages: 126

Table of Contents

1 General
2 Referenced Publications
3 Definitions
4 General Requirements for All Scaffolds
5 Platform Units and Platforms
6 Hoisted Suspended Scaffolds 
7 Wood Pole Scaffolds
8 Tube and Coupler Scaffolds
9 System Scaffolds
10 Fabricated Tabular Frame Scaffolds
11 Manually Propelled and Prefabricated Mobile 
12 Outrigger Scaffolds
13 Bricklayers' Square Scaffolds
14 Form and Carpenter Bracket Scaffolds
15 Needle Beam Scaffolds
16 Interior Hung Scaffolds
17 Ladder-Type Scaffolds or Platforms
18 Window Jack Scaffolds 
19 Float (or Ship) Scaffolds
20 Centenary Scaffolds
21 Pump Jack Scaffolds
22 Horse Scaffolds 
23 Crawling Boards (Chicken Ladders)
24 Adjustable Scaffolds
25 Mobile Work Stands
A - Survey of Job Site
B - Platform Units and Platforms
C - Calculation of Allowable Stress for Wood 
 Scaffold Planks
D - Illustrations
E - Scaffold Tagging Program


Specifies safety requirements for the construction, operation, maintenance, and use of scaffolds used in the construction, alteration, demolition, and maintenance of buildings and structures.


2011 [01/11/2011]
2001 [30/01/2001]
88 [01/01/0001]
77 [01/01/0001]

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