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IEC 60233 Ed. 2.0
Tests on hollow insulators for use in electrical equipment

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Document Type Standard
Status Superseded
Publisher:    IEC
Committee SC 36C
Superseded By:
IEC 62155 Ed. 1.0

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Published:   01 Jan 1974  
Pages: 19
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(Multilingual: en-fr)
Published:   01 Jan 1974  
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Pages: 19

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Applies to insulating weather shields and containers made of ceramic material or glass before any metal fittings are attached intended for use in electrical equipment operating on d.c. or a.c., such as instrument transformers, lightning arresters. capacitors, bushings, cable sealing ends and circuit-breakers.


74 AMD 1 88 [01/01/1988]
2ED 74 [01/01/1974]

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