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IEC 60417-1 Ed. 3.0
Graphical symbols for use on equipment - Part 1: Overview and application

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Document Type Standard
Status Superseded
Publisher:    IEC
Committee TC 3
Superseded By:
IEC 60417-DB-3M Ed.1.0 (2002)
IEC 60417-DB-3M Ed. 1.0
IEC 60417M
IEC 60417 Ed. 1.0
IEC 60417A
IEC 60417J
IEC 60417K
IEC 60417O
IEC 60417B
IEC 60417C
IEC 60417D
IEC 60417E
IEC 60417F
IEC 60417G
IEC 60417H
IEC 60417N
IEC 60417-1 Ed. 2.0
IEC 60417L
IEC 60417P

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PDF (Personal Use)
(Multilingual: en-fr)
Published:   01 May 2002  
ISBN: 2-8318-6339-2
Pages: 199
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(Multilingual: en-fr)
Published:   01 May 2002  
Delivery Time:   5-10 days
ISBN: 2-8318-6339-2
Pages: 199

Table of Contents

1  Scope
2  Normative references
3  Comprehensive surveys
   3.1  Alphabetical index
   3.2  Graphical surveys in numerical order
4  Title and description of graphical symbols in 
   numerical order
5  Classification according to primary form
   5.1  Lines
   5.2  Arrows
   5.3  Squares
   5.4  Rectangles and polygons
   5.5  Circles
   5.6  Barrels
   5.7  Triangles
   5.8  Depicting shapes
6  Classification according to function
   6.1  Control
   6.2  Operational state
   6.3  Movement
   6.4  Designation of equipment
   6.5  Transmission, processing and registration of 
   6.6  Connection;  interruption
   6.7  Image production or processing
   6.8  Variation
   6.9  Safety
   6.10 Time
   6.11 Display
   6.12 Information concerning people
7  Examples of application
   7.1  General application
   7.2  Audiovisual equipment
   7.3  Telephone and telecommunications
   7.4  Maritime navigation
   7.5  Home electric appliances
   7.6  Medical equipment
   7.7  Safety aspects


Contains a presentation of the graphical symbols with the corresponding descriptions in numerical order which does not necessarily represent any functional grouping. It is complemented by an alphabetical index and a graphical survey of the symbols. Additional information is provided to the user by classifications to form and function, and the examples of application. IEC 60417-1 and 60417-2 cancel and replace IEC 60417 and all its supplements.


This part of IEC 60417 contains graphical symbols and their meaning (title and description). The graphical symbols in the standard are primarily intended

to identify the equipment or a part of the equipment (for example a control or display);

to indicate functional states or functions (for example: on, off, alarm);

to designate connections (for example terminals, filling points for materials);

to provide information on packaging (for example identification of content, instructions for handling);

to provide instruction for the operation of the equipment (for example limitations of use).

This part 1 provides reference information to help users find appropriate graphical symbols.

This part is not intended for reproduction purposes.

The graphical symbols specified in this standard are not primarily intended for

safety signs;

public information;

use on drawings and diagrams;

use in technical documentation of products and in technical product documentation.

In the case of the use of graphical symbols as safety signs, the rules specified in ISO 3864 prevail.


3ED 2002 [30/05/2002]
2ED 2000 [01/10/2000]
1ED 98 [01/08/1998]

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