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GB 030-2008
The theories and practices of organizational excellence: New perspectives

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Written by Kevin J. Foley, this twenty one chapter book will excite the interest and sometimes challenge readers of the more conventional literature on organizational excellence. For many readers of this cross discipline, multi-national work it will be unusual (and a pleasant surprise) to find:

  • A discussion on the contemporary organization that focuses on stakeholders rather than customers and gives prominence to the role of gender and power.
  • Extensive use of the theory of the firm literature of economics and sociology and its too often forgotten luminaries such as Smith, Marshall, Weber, Schumpeter, Follett, Penrose and Arrow.
  • A reframing of Total Quality Management by rejecting the notion that customer satisfaction (delight?) is an appropriate objective for all organizations, providing an explicit theory, identifying innovation as a central feature and shifting its context from an industrial to a knowledge society.
  • The outline of a model of the organization/society interface that concomitantly offers guidance to the organization on how to achieve sustainable success, to interested/affected parties on how to become stakeholders and to society on how to reduce the organization performance/society expectations gap.
  • A rigorous comparison of three prominent excellence models, the use of Six Sigma in hospital management and an analysis of Public Sector management in France and Scotland.

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Published:   15 Sep 2008  
ISBN: 1-921093-51-X
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Published:   15 Sep 2008  
ISBN: 1-921093-51-X
Pages: 543
Description:   Includes a CD with the hardcopy version

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First published as GB 030-2008.

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