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MIL STD 1520 Revision C
Corrective Action And Disposition System For Nonconforming Material - Revision C

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Document Type Standard
Status Withdrawn
Publisher:    US Military Specs/Standards/Handbooks
Committee AREA QCIC
Withdrawn Date 27 Feb 1995
MIL STD 1520 Revision B

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Pages: 21
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Pages: 21

Table of Contents

1      Scope
1.1    Purpose
1.2    Application
1.3    Change notice and revisions
2      Referenced documents (not applicable)
3      Definitions
3.1    Control charts
3.2    Control limits
3.3    Corrective action
3.4    Corrective Action Board (CAB)
3.5    Material Review Board (MRB)
3.6    Nonconformance
3.6.1  Minor nonconformance
3.6.2  Major/critical nonconformance
3.7    Nonconforming material
3.8    Occurrence
3.9    Recurrence
3.10   Preliminary Review (PR)
3.11   Quality Improvement Project (QIP)
3.12   Repair
3.13   Rework
3.14   Scrap
3.15   Standard Repair Procedure (SRP)
3.16   Statistical Process Control (SPC)
3.17   Supplier
3.18   Use-as-is
3.19   Definitions of acronyms used in this standard
4      General requirements
4.1    Corrective action and disposition system
4.2    Statistical Process Control (SPC)
4.2.1  Control limit standards
4.3    Quality improvement
4.4    Contractor's written procedures
4.5    Material Review Board (MRB)
4.5.1  MRB authority and responsibilities
4.6    Corrective Action Board (CAB)
4.6.1  CAB authority and responsibilities
4.7    Government rights
5      Detailed requirements
5.1    Identification and segregation of nonconforming
5.2    PR disposition
5.3    MRB disposition
5.4    Use-as-is dispositions
5.5    Repair dispositions
5.6    Scrapped material
5.7    Nonconforming material documentation
5.7.1  Additional documentation for MRB items
5.7.2  Additional documentation for corrective action
5.7.3  Recurring nonconformances
5.7.4  Nonconformance costs
5.8    Minimum data summarization requirements
5.9    Control of material review and disposition system
       at suppliers
5.9.1  Corrective action at supplier facilities
5.9.2  Records of nonconforming material received from
5.10   Audits
6      Notes
6.1    Intended use
6.2    Changes from previous issue


Describes a cost effective corrective action and disposition system for non conforming material, which results in productivity and quality improvement. Coverage includes definitions, control limit standards, quality improvement, corrective action board (CAB), contractor's written procedures, material review board (MRB), and corrective action and disposition system.


C NOTICE 2 [27/02/1995]
C NOTICE 1 [05/03/1993]

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