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FED STD 170 Revision B (Collection)
Film, Photographic, Black And White, Classification And Testing Methods - Revision B (Collection)

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Document Type Standard
Status Withdrawn
Publisher:    US Military Specs/Standards/Handbooks
Committee FSC 6750
FED STD 170 Revision A

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Published:   08 Mar 1971  
Pages: 24
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Published:   08 Mar 1971  
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Pages: 24

Table of Contents

1 Scope
  1.1 Scope
  1.2 Purpose
2 Referenced documents
  2.1 Specifications and standards
  2.2 Other publications
3 Definitions
  3.1 Terms
4 Film classification system
  4.1 Classification
5 Test equipment and materials
  5.1 Film quality determination
  5.2 Apparatus
  5.3 Test processing solutions
6 Test methods and tests
  6.1 General description
  6.2 Determination of sensitometric characteristics
  6.3 Dimensional change characteristics
  6.4 Brittleness test
  6.5 Curl test
  6.6 Tensile strength test
  6.7 Thermal coefficient of expansion test    
  6.8 Physical defects test
7 Notes
  7.1 International standardization
  7.2 Changes
  7.3 Conflict with referenced specification


Gives uniform testing methods and standards for determining the characteristics of sensitized photographic films, of the gelatin-silver halide-type emulsions, coated on flexible transparent plastic supports, and having as an end product black-and-white positive or negative photographic images.


B NOTICE 2 [13/08/1993]
B NOTICE 1 [12/05/1986]
B [08/03/1971]
A [31/03/1967]

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