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EN 13101:2002
Steps For Underground Man Entry Chambers - Requirements, Marking, Testing And Evaluation Of Conformity

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Document Type Standard
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Publisher:    Comite Europeen de Normalisation
Committee TC 165

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Table of Contents

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Requirements
  4.1 General
  4.2 Materials
      4.2.1  Metals
      4.2.2  Plastics encapsulation
  4.3 Design requirements
      4.3.1  Types
      4.3.2  Dimensions
      4.3.3  Limit of insertion of step
      4.3.4  Surface condition
      4.3.5  Corrosion resistance
      4.3.6  Twist
      4.3.7  Vertical loading
      4.3.8  Proof load - Non-ductile materials (Grey cast
      4.3.9  Resistance to pull-out
      4.3.10 Resistance to impact
      4.3.11 Integrity of plastics encapsulation
      4.3.12 Thickness of plastics encapsulation
      4.3.13 Integrity of galvanizing
5 Testing
6 Marking and designation
  6.1 Marking
  6.2 Designation
7 Evaluation of conformity
  7.1 General
  7.2 Type testing (initial testing of the product)
  7.3 Factory production control (FPC)
      7.3.1  General
      7.3.2  Equipment
      7.3.3  Raw materials and components
      7.3.4  Product testing and evaluation
      7.3.5  Non conforming products
Annex A (normative) Twist test
      A.1 Apparatus
      A.2 Procedure
      A.3 Test report
Annex B (normative) Vertical loading test
      B.1 Apparatus
      B.2 Procedure
      B.3 Test report
Annex C (normative) Proof load test for grey cast iron
      C.1 Apparatus
      C.2 Procedure
      C.3 Test report
Annex D (normative) Pull out/anchorage test
      D.1 Apparatus
      D.2 Preparation
          D.2.1 Method 1 - For steps designed to be factory
                fixed into pre-cast concrete
          D.2.2 Method 2 - For steps designed to be fixed
                into masonry or concrete during construction
          D.2.3 Method 3 - For steps designed to be fixed
                after construction
          D.2.4 Method 4 - For steps designed to be replaced
      D.3 Procedure
      D.4 Test report
Annex E (normative) Impact test
      E.1 Apparatus
      E.2 Procedure
      E.3 Test report
Annex F (normative) Method of test for integrity of plastics
      F.1 Apparatus
      F.2 Procedure
      F.3 Test report
Annex G (normative) Method of test for integrity of plastics
        encapsulation (dry conditions)
      G.1 Apparatus
          G.1.1 Pore detector
      G.2 Procedure
      G.3 Test report
Annex H (normative) Method of test for thickness of plastics
      H.1 Apparatus
      H.2 Procedure
      H.3 Test report
Annex I (informative) Evaluation of conformity by third party
      I.1 General
      I.2 Procedure of the third party control
      I.3 Report by the third party
Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard
         addressing essential requirements or other provisions
         of EU Directives


Gives general requirements and testing methods for steps manufactured from cast iron, steel or aluminium, for use in manholes and other underground man entry chambers as a means of access.


2002 [01/10/2002]

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