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EN 14870-3:2006
Petroleum And Natural Gas Industries - Induction Bends, Fittings And Flanges For Pipeline Transportation Systems - Part 3: Flanges

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Document Type Standard
Status Current
Publisher:    Comite Europeen de Normalisation
Committee TC 234 & TC 12

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Table of Contents

Explanatory note
1  Scope
2  Normative references
3  Terms and definitions
4  Symbols and abbreviated terms
5  Designation of flanges
6  Pressure class and design
7  Information to be supplied by the purchaser
   7.1  Principal information
   7.2  Supplementary information
8  Manufacturing
   8.1  Manufacturing procedure specification
   8.2  Starting material
   8.3  Hubs
   8.4  Heat treatment
9  Testing and inspection
   9.1  General requirements
   9.2  Extent of testing and inspection
   9.3  Chemical composition
   9.4  Physical testing
   9.5  NDT
   9.6  Dimensions
   9.7  Hydrostatic testing
   9.8  Weldability
   9.9  Repair welding
10 Documentation
   10.1 Inspection document
   10.2 Manufacturing record book
11 Marking


Applies to weldneck and blind flanges (full face, raised face, and RTJ groove) as well as anchor, swivel-ring flanges and orifice flanges.


2006 [01/02/2006]

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