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10 Most Recent Environmental Management Publications

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DR AS 1289.1.3.1:2015 Methods of testing soils for engineering purposes - Sampling and preparation of soils - Undisturbed samples - Standard method
ISO/FDIS 24518 Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services - Crisis management of water utilities
ISO/DIS 22262-3 Air quality - Bulk materials - Part 3: Quantitative determination of asbestos by X-ray diffraction method
I.S. EN 15002:2015 Characterization of Waste - Preparation of Test Portions From the Laboratory Sample
ISO/DIS 24516-1 Guidelines for Management of Assets of water supply and wastewater systems - Part 1: Drinking water distribution networks
ISO/DIS 13073-3 Ships and marine technology - Risk assessment on anti-fouling systems on ships - Part 3: Human health risk assessment of biocidally active substances in anti-fouling paints on ships during the application and removal process
BS EN 1018:2013+A1:2015 Chemicals Used For Treatment Of Water Intended For Human Consumption - Calcium Carbonate
BS EN 15863:2015 Characterization Of Waste - Leaching Behaviour Test For Basic Characterization - Dynamic Monolithic Leaching Test With Periodic Leachant Renewal, Under Fixed Conditions
BS ISO 9697:2015 Water Quality - Gross Beta Activity In Non-Saline Water - Test Method Using Thick Source
PD CEN/TS 1948-5:2015 Stationary Source Emissions - Determination Of The Mass Concentration Of Pcdds/Pcdfs And Dioxin-Like Pcbs - Part 5: Long-Term Sampling Of Pcdds/Pcdfs And Pcbs