• Training Terms and Conditions

    In purchasing a training course, the customer warrants that he/she agrees to SAI Global Pty Ltd (“SAI Global”) standard term and conditions as set out in SAI Global’s Standard Terms & Conditions.  Without downplaying the importance of other terms and conditions, customers should be aware that SAI reserves the right to reschedule the time and place of a training course and takes no responsibility for, and expressly excludes, all liability for any travel or accommodation costs (or such related cancellation costs) that are or may be incurred by the customer arising from the rescheduling of a training course (refer clause 4.13). 

    In addition to SAI Global’s Standard Terms & Conditions , the following terms and conditions also apply to all SAI Global courses, including the purchase of single courses, face-to-face, eLearning and full qualifications.

    Promotional codes and offers must be quoted at the time of registration and do not apply if the offer has expired. Multiple discounts do not apply to individual or group registrations.
    For a custom quote on In-House Training, please email training@saiglobal.com or call 1300 727 444.

    Administration and other applicable fees and charges
    Accurate enrollment information is required at time of registration. A $50 fee will be charged for each time the following changes are made related to a registration: replacement attendee or learner, change to an invoice (eg. purchase order number is provided after registration), and organisation name change (where incorrect at time of registration).

    Other fees and charges applicable are set out in the table below.

    Schedule of Fees  Price
     Electronic certificate after Course completion  FREE (first 90 days)
     Transfer/Cancellation between 14-28 Days of Course date  10% of course price 
     Transfer/Cancellation between 1-14 Days of Course date  25% of course price 
     Change to replace attendee for a public or online course  $50 incl. GST
     Change to invoice after issuance  $50 incl. GST
     Printing of hard copy certificates  $50 incl. GST
     Request for email certificate after 90 days   $50 incl. GST
     Reprint of archives more than 5 years  $100 incl. GST
     RPL application per unit of competency  $350 incl. GST*
     CT applications - unit on SAI scope  $50 incl. GST
     CT applications - not on SAI scope  $150 incl. GST
     Non-attendance at Course **  No transfer or refunds
     Non-attendance at Webinar **  No transfer or refunds
     Cancellation of an eLearning course   After Commencement: No transfers or refunds for cancellation

     Pre Commencement: fees, as set out above in this table, apply

    *     A special rate of $75 per unit applies to RPL of the entry units for BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety and BSB60615 and the Advanced Diploma of Work Health and Safety

    **  Where a Customer does not attend on the day of the Course or Webinar to which he or she has registered, no refunds or transfers to another Course or to the same Course on a later date shall be provided

    Other course related terms and conditions
    Post course assessments All post course assessments must be completed within a 6 month period of registration, a further 6 months may be granted on application.
    Course entry requirements All course entry requirements, as set out in the course descriptor, are met prior to enrolment. 
    USI number To receive a nationally recognised Statements of Attainment or AQF qualification, the attendee must provide SAI Global with a USI number. This is the attendee’s responsibility and not providing a USI number to SAI Global will result in a delay to the issuance of any AQF course certification. This does not apply to Exemplar Global certifications. 
    Overseas student policy Issuance of nationally recognised Statements of Attainment or AQF qualifications can only be granted to Australian citizens or residents or short term visitors with a study provision on their visa. Please note, we cannot accept any registrations from persons currently residing in Australia on a student visa. This does not apply to Exemplar Global certifications.
    Qualifications - additional enrolment terms and conditions All classes in the purchased qualification must be attended within 12 month of purchase, no extensions granted.

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    SAI Global Pty Limited will maintain a tuition assurance scheme to safeguard domestic students in the event of it becoming insolvent and unable to return fees that have been paid in advance. The tuition assurance scheme will source similar training to allow the effected participants under this condition to complete their studies without further financial burden. However if the student cannot be placed, the tuition assurance will make refunds.

    Exemplar Global
    As part of SAI Global’s certification requirements with Exemplar Global, we provide a summary of the contact details for all students who successfully attain an Exemplar Global unit of competency. If you do not want your details passed onto Exemplar Global please contact us by email at training@saiglobal.com or call 1300 727 444.