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Building and Construction

Find Industry Codes and Standards in one place

Standards Management provides centralised content to control cost & critical information

  • Online Access to industry specific Codes and Standards
  • Centralised repository for National Construction Code volumes and referenced Standards
  • Streamline project costs by subscribing to the Building Codes plus Standards collection
Access Standards across multiple sites and users

On the go access to critical information anytime, anywhere on any device

  • Secure and consistent access for all
  • Easy access across worksites to Codes and Standards
  • Flexible licensing options
Save and print Standards for quick reference

Access to key information offline and on site, minimising disruptions and project costs

  • Download and save documents when you're offline
  • Print any publication when a computer is not available
  • Flexible access even without internet
SAI Global’s Building and Construction Industry codes and standards tools help you to advance confidently into the future

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