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  • In industries as heavily regulated as building and construction, Standards Management is essential. The complexity of standards that must be complied with requires a centralised approach, consolidating standards and technical documents. Technology creates seamless integration between essential content and the relevant users in the organisation.

    Centralisation of essential information across your organisation

    • Users throughout your organisation can access the same centralised repository of up to date, secure and relevant content.
    • Standards are accessible in the office and on site, through a clearly designated secure online environment.
    • Built in tools allow meaningful connections to be made between essential internal content and policies, and standards.

    Confidence in compliance and accuracy through control of essential information

    • Efficiency through centralised control of building and construction standards, documents and purchasing.
    • Easy engagement analysis - see who has accessed which Standard to understand compliance risks.
    • Real time access means you get the right information, when you need it, for the safe design and construction of new and existing buildings across Australia.

    Secure information that is current, accessible and risk managed

    • Take the risk out of copyright compliance by managing all publishers content within one platform.
    • Critical updates of standards are automatically integrated, and users notified via customisable alerts and notifications.
    • Online access enables sharing, downloading and printing of hard copies. Standards can be accessed 24/7 across multiple locations, from desktop or devices on site.

    Context and customisation for the building and construction industry

    • Entire organisation can access relevant standards in different states or council areas in one centralised repository.
    • Key features allow meaningful connections to be made between your business' policies and standards.
    • An integrated repository enables efficient and informed collaboration when creating internal standards and policy.
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