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        • Occupational Health
          and Safety Act 2004

          Legislation Victoria 107/2004 Act

          The act is the cornerstone of legislative and administrative measures to improve occupational health and safety in Victoria.

        • Occupational Health
          and Safety Regulations 2017

          Legislation Victoria 22/2017 Regulation

          The regulation furthers the objects of Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 for health and safety in relation to workplaces and hazards.

        • Building Act

          Legislation Victoria 126/1993 Act

          The act provides the regulation of building and building standards.

        • Building Interim
          Regulations 2017

          Legislation Victoria 31/2017 Regulation

          The interim regulations are substantially the same as the 2006 regulations, with minor amendments to update references to standards, planning schemes, and other minor changes.

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