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  • Key Standards and Handbooks

    General standards that may be useful for those manufacturing or supplying children’s products include the following:

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    AS ISO 10377:2017 Consumer product safety - Guidelines for suppliers 
    AS ISO 10393:2017 Consumer product recall - Guidelines for suppliers 
    AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality management systems - Requirements 
    AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management - Principles and guidelines 
    HB 295

    The HB 295 series, is a product safety framework that is designed to ensure the safe supply, sale and use of products.

    The following standards are those included in the series:  
    SA HB 295.1:2016 Product Safety Framework Hazard assessment for product safety 
    HB 295.3.1-2008 (R2016)
    Product Safety Framework Visual and tactile examination of components 
    HB 295.3.2-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Hazardous sharp points 
    HB 295.3.3-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Hazardous sharp edges 
    HB 295.3.4-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Requirements for decoration 
    HB 295.3.5-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Product safety warning labels and markings 
    HB 295.3.6-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Scissoring, shearing and pinching 
    HB 295.3.7-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Small objects - Removal of graspable components 
    HB 295.3.8-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Volatile compounds content 
    HB 295.3.10-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Release of Bisphenol A 
    HB 295.3.11-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Release of chemicals - Migration of certain elements 
    HB 295.3.12-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Release of N-Nitrosamines and N-Nitrosatables 
    HB 295.3.13-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Release of nickel 
    HB 295.3.14-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Melting and dissolving of materials - Dishwasher safety 
    HB 295.3.15-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Melting and dissolving of materials - Microwave oven resistance 
    HB 295.3.16-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Melting and dissolving of materials - Washing by hand 
    HB 295.3.17-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Phthalate content 
    HB 295.3.18-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Packaging hazards 
    HB 295.3.19-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Traps - Cords and elastics 
    HB 295.3.20-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Snagging traps - Protrusions and gaps 
    HB 295.3.21-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Gaps and openings - Finger entrapment 
    HB 295.3.22-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Gaps and openings - Limb entrapment 
    HB 295.3.23-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Gaps and openings - Head entrapment and fall through hazard 
    HB 295.3.24-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Informative and instructive material 
    HB 295.3.25-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Choking from small parts 
    HB 295.3.26-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Latching and locking mechanisms 
    HB 295.3.27-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Requirements for toys 
    HB 295.3.28-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Climbing hazards footholds 
    HB 295.3.29-2008 (R2016) Product Safety Framework Accessibility of a part or component 
    SA HB 295.3.31:2016 Product Safety Framework Efficacy of barriers 
    SA HB 295.3.32:2016 Product Safety Framework Breathable zones for infant sleeping products 
    SA HB 295.4.1:2016 Product Safety Framework Informative guides – Traceability 
    SA HB 295.4.2:2016 Product Safety Framework Informative guides - Flammability 
    SA HB 295.4.3:2016 Product Safety Framework Informative guides - Chemical toxicity hazard for apparel 


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    Disclaimer: The information contained in these pages is provided by way of indicative guidance only and SAI Global Pty Limited does not represent that it is accurate or complete or suitable for any particular purposes. The onus remains with users to satisfy themselves of their requirements and needs for their own particular circumstances.

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  • Children's Products Guide

    Includes information on standards, certification schemes and other industry specific information that may be of interest to manufacturers, importers, suppliers and users of children's products. Products used by children and marketed to children can cause considerable risks. The publications outlined in the guide provide information that can be used to assess risks as well as safe practises for products primarily designed for children aged 0-14 years.

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