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  • Standards Online (SOL) PDF Product Help

    SOL Digital Rights Management Explained

    At SAI Global we supply Standards from many different publishers. Each publisher has their own requirements relating to what users are licensed to do with their content. Standards Australia have updated how their content can be used and require all distributors to ensure that users are not able to breach their licence requirement.

    As a result, we have implemented technology that limits usage of Standards Australia content to only what is allowed in the licence agreement.

    As a user of Standards Online (SOL), there is no change to how you search for and download standards. The main change here is how you are required to view them. Documents must be viewed within a PDF viewer that is supported by the FileOpen plug-in. We recommend Adobe Reader. At this stage encrypted PDF files cannot be opened within a web browser, and you will receive an error when trying to do so.

    DRM Technical Pre-Checklist

      1. Installing the plugin requires admin access and once the plugin has been installed and operating, will require internet access via port 443 and TLS 1.2(or TLS 1.1) needs to be enabled.

    Some corporate firewalls and endpoint security block or interrupt the download of encrypted files in the browser. This can mean that some parts of the Standards Online interface might be blocked, such as the document download page. Please ensure that you liaise with your IT team to whitelist and allow encrypted file downloads from the Standards Online site: www.saiglobal.com/online. This includes whitelisting the below domains. You may also need to add Password Protected Files to scanning exemptions.

    • doc.i2.saiglobal.com
    • drm.i2.saiglobal.com

    Please ensure that the plugin can communicate with the DRM servers in the manner detailed above.

      2. If you are using Adobe suite products such as Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it is important that these are kept up to date. The FileOpen plugin is not compatible with some older versions of these applications and can cause errors. The latest version (updates) of Adobe Acrobat can be checked here: https://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/ReleaseNotesDC/index.html. The latest version can be downloaded here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Install for all versions.

      3. PDF files downloaded from Standards Online are encrypted and can only be opened in a PDF viewer that supports FileOpen. If you try to open this file in any other application, such as a web browser, you will receive an error. Please ensure that you are always using a supported viewer and that it is kept up to date.

      4. Occasionally you may receive a message stating ‘Print Permission Denied’. This is normal and occurs with some newer models of printer, or printing technologies that you might use. In this instance, please advise our customer support team of this so that it can be rectified. In some cases, you will need to provide us with a log file that is generated by the FileOpen plugin for this to be resolved.

      5. Standards Online is not optimised for mobile devices such as phones and tablets, which means that it might not function or display correctly on them. Currently, we do not provide support to access the site using mobile devices

      6. Each individual user required to access the Standards Online site will need to use their own credentials to download documents. Please ensure that you speak with your account manager so that this is set up. The DRM plugin prohibits the sharing of documents between users, so it is essential that you download using a unique login. The documents are watermarked with the user’s information at the time of download also. The watermark on the downloaded copy refers to the user permitted to use that copy and compliance with the licensing terms is that user’s responsibility.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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