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  • Standards setting the benchmark for the construction industry

    The building and construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. Implementing and complying to Standards can help improve quality of work and efficiencies across the business while prioritising the safety of employees and the community. 

    Construction workers have challenging jobs. Daily tasks can vary greatly, and they can all have different associated risks which must be identified, reduced and constantly managed.  

    There are many Standards designed to keep construction workers safe in their jobs. From the performance of workwear to safety management programs, they provide the requirements any business must meet to reduce hazards, minimise risks and maintain a safe working environment. 

    Building and construction Standards not only protect employees on the worksite but also set the benchmark for the quality and performance of projects. The need for immediate access to essential and current Standards is crucial to remain compliant and safe.

    • Construction Materials and Building

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    • Building in bushfire prone areas

      3 Standards improving safety when building in bushfire prone areas

    • Building and construction safety

      4 Standards creating a safer construction site for workers

    • Discover a Standards Management solution to assist with compliance, safety and quality needs for your construction projects.

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