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  • Lawlex Premium - Law Alerts & Changes

    Summaries of changes to legislation delivered straight to your inbox all from the one place.

    With up to 90,000 amendments to legislation happening every year, it’s difficult to keep across the volume of changes. But not if you have Lawlex.

    Lawlex Premium is your one-stop-shop for tracking and searching Australian legislation. We tell you within 24 hours of legislative changes across all Australian jurisdictions. Alerts consist of plain English summaries authored by SAI Global legal editors, with hyperlinks to the source documents.

    What you get with Lawlex
    • Searching of all Australian legislation
    • Email notification within 24 hours of changes to law
    • Links to government sources
    • Bill tracking
    • Commencement tables
    • Gazette notices
    • Amendment history
    • Repeal details
    • Links to historical versions of previous legislation
    • Second reading speeches & explanatory memoranda
    • Customised individual profiles.

    What our clients say

    "Lawlex has long been one of our most valuable subscriptions. Instead of having to navigate numerous Commonwealth and State legislation and parliamentary databases, solicitors and library staff rely on Lawlex daily for one access point to our legislative and extrinsic material needs.”

    Naish Peterson
    Library Services Manager
    Arnold Bloch Leibler

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