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  • Driving Compliance, Efficiency, Quality and Safety

    • Standards change often. It is vital to stay on top of changing Standards when you work in the Medical devices industry because lives depend on decisions being made. Without a standards management strategy you can't be certain your employees are consistently notified when standards have been updated. Get it wrong and quality is hugely compromised; you risk defective products being brought to market and productivity is compromised while you fix issues.

      A Standards management strategy helps you, safeguard quality, maintain positive brand recognition and protect lives.

      Your first step should be the implementation of a Standards Management Platform. It will mean you have:

      • The right information channelled to the relevant person at the correct, and often, critical time
      • All of your internal and external documents integrated in a way which is relevant to specific product lifecycles to ensure safety compliance and speed to market in a highly competitive and innovative space
      • Access to current Standards, Technical Information and Regulations available to all your personnel, anytime, anywhere

      SAI Global's Standards Management Platforms take the pressure off you and allow you to focus on your job:


      All documents are stored centrally and updated regularly giving confidence that access is fast, relevant and accurate. 

      Control over the content that is being purchased so that there is no duplication; budgets can be managed easily and copyright policies are taken care of.


      Product profiles can be set up to gain access to key documents enhancing speed to market and removal of time wasted on searching for, and referring to irrelevant content.


      Medical Devices content can be adapted to your specific needs. Ask us to help you find a solution that works best for you.

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