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  • SAI Global has global experience in providing Standards, technical information and regulations. We bring this content together in a software solution that enables Medical Device organisations to stay compliant, manage risk, boost productivity and gain a competitive edge in an environment where being on top of your game is critical to saving and extending lives.

    Centralise your internal and external information

    • Simplify the manual compilation of lists and tasks - notes and bookmarks in one place
    • Reduce the maze confusion of different licensing models - all your Standards housed in one repository for all of your team to access
    • One hub, one invoice, one frame of reference - thousands of Standards

    Rely on current information to improve proactivity and efficiency

    • Get notified when Standards change 
    • Readily accessible audit list of changed, amended and superseded Standards
    • View new and old Standards side by side
    • Make sure everyone is relying on the right content, always

    Gain the context needed for each medical device under development

    • Create and manage project folders of content specific to each product being worked on
    • Share Standards with everyone including remote members of the team
    • Link to relevant internal and external documents and integrate with your product workflow

    Take back control of your budget, copyright and content management

    • No duplicate purchases as only designated users have permission to purchase
    • Know that no user will be using different versions of the same Standard
    • Strict document management provided by us to assist in avoiding copyright abuse

    Which functions will benefit from a robust Standards Management Strategy?

    • Production and Manufacturing
    • Regulatory and Legal Affairs
    • Product Design Engineering
    • Research and Development
    • EU MDR 2021 and Beyond:

    • EU MDR 2020 Webinar

    • Key Publishers for
      Medical Device Industry

    • Stay on top of Regulatory Obligations

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