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  • Pools and Spas 

    For ease of reference, we have categorised standards relevant to people working in the Pools and Spas industry. You can purchase these standards individually or by category and qualify for a discount (exclusions apply). 

    For a more comprehensive overview of the regulatory requirements and industry information of interest to importers, manufacturers, managers and owners, we recommend the Pools and Spas Guide. The Guide contains valuable information about related regulatory content and information about industry bodies and association, by State. 


    Construction – Main Fabric/Foundation of Pools and Spas

    Electrical Wiring

    Heating and Chlorination

    Key Constituents of Pools and Spas


    Pool Amusements

    Public Pool and Spa Requirements

    Water Supply, Pumping, Plumbing, Covers and Filtering

  • Disclaimer: The information contained in these pages is provided by way of indicative guidance only and SAI Global Pty Limited does not represent that it is accurate or complete or suitable for any particular purposes. The onus remains with users to satisfy themselves of their requirements and needs for their own particular circumstances. 

  • Pools and Spas Guide

  • Pools & Spas Guide

    An overview of the standards, certification schemes, regulatory requirements and other industry-specific information relevant to people working within the public and private pools and spas industry.

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