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  • Access a comprehensive database of legislation with Lawlex

    Lawlex is a comprehensive database of legislation from all Australian jurisdictions. A web-based platform which is an essential tool for understanding developments in the regulatory environment, Lawlex keeps you informed and able to respond to changes as they happen. Lawlex provides you with:

    • The confidence that legislation is current and updated in real time 
    • Customisable alerts for your own tailored updates 
    • Access to everything you need in an easy-to-navigate platform


  • Tailored alerts, delivered fast

    Customise your profile according to your unique requirements, compliance and regulatory obligations. Within 24 hours of any proposed or actual amendments being made publicly available, you will receive a Lawlex Legislative Alert.

    • Summaries & official resources

      The summaries are written by legally trained editors, in plain English with links to the official Government sources (i.e. Federal Register of Legislation, NSW Parliamentary Counsel, State Law Publisher).

      • Find everything you need

        Access a comprehensive and reliable source of all current Australian law with the research tool. This includes the history of amendments tables, commencement information and gazette notice references, historical versions of legislation and more.

        • Making regulatory management efficient

          Our regulatory products are designed to make your management simple and efficient with the choice to enhance your experience with LexConnect & CodeConnect and Regulatory Newsfeeds.

          • LexConnect & CodeConnect

            Connecting Australian legislation, Standards and Codes of Practice. Transform the way you view Australian legislation with LexConnect and CodeConnect.

          • Regulatory Newsfeeds

            Receive your concise, weekly digest of the regulatory developments for any of your specific topics or industries. An easy way to know what's happening in the regulatory environment.

            • Ready to transform your Regulatory Management?

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