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  • Satisfying building Codes of Practice is a key priority on any project. Ensuring projects comply with construction code requirements and industry regulations is critical for safety. Safe design and construction depends on streamlined access to the essential provisions and knowing your compliance obligations helps to you get it right and get certified.

    Solution Overview

    • Subscription provides builders and contractors convenient access to the Australian National Construction Code when they need it, wherever they are.
    • Over 200 referenced building Standards are easily accessed online, to be shared, downloaded or printed as required.
    • Secure and trusted source of provisions for the safe design and construction of new and existing buildings across Australia.

    Fast and simple centralised access to construction Codes and Standards

    For maximum project efficiency and safety, builders, plumbers and contractors must be assured the information they need is accurate and easily accessible.

    CodeConnect allows for a guided search with various search criteria to find the Code of Practice you are after, and all the legislation that references that Code of Practice, as well as any Standards referenced in these Codes.

    Through a simple online portal, subscribers can access essential standards, specific building and plumbing codes and policies they need. On or off site, 24 hours a day. 

    Unlimited access to Standards across multiple locations and users

    Streamlined project management is essential to the success of each job and the overall productivity and growth of a business. Uncertainty about standards or code requirements can cause costly delays, so equipping multiple users across all worksites with key information is crucial.

    With flexible licensing options for concurrent logins, every team member you choose can have unlimited 24/7 access to whatever Codes and Standards they need, wherever they are.

    Subscriptions offer a cost-effective approach to content management, providing access to the full collection of Building Codes plus Standards. 

    Flexible Standards reference options for on and offline use

    In an agile work environment, content management must be efficient and responsive. From remote Australia to underground car parks, devices without web access become a hindrance.

    Subscribers to Building Codes plus Standards can not only access content round the clock with internet enabled devices, they can also download documents for offline access.

    The capacity to download, save and even print* important documents ensures copies are always available, providing quick reference in offline environments.

    * Due to publisher copyright restrictions, not all Standards and publications can be saved or printed.

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