• Maintaining compliance across your organisation requires a thorough grasp of the ever changing regulatory environment. Track important changes across Australian jurisdictions, specific to subject areas relevant to your industry. Stay up-to-date with changing legislation and sustain a timely awareness of new legislation, to be responsive to how it will impact your business. 

    Solution Overview

    • A consolidated legal database of current Australian legislation provides timely access, without searching multiple government sites
    • The latest Australian legal updates are summarised by subject profile and can be tracked by your team through customisable alerts 
    • Monitoring and searching for Australian legislation is fast and free, helping you to sustain a secure regulatory environment 

    Fast, free legislation search across all Australian jurisdictions

    For maximum project efficiency and safety, builders, plumbers and contractors must be assured the information they need is accurate and easily accessible.

    SAI Global provides a comprehensive online source of the Construction Codes of Australia. Subscribers can search all National Construction Code volumes and reference Standards quickly and with confidence, knowing they will find what they need, to do the job well and meet compliance obligations.

    Through a simple online portal, subscribers can access essential standards, specific building and plumbing codes and policies they need. On or off site, 24 hours a day. 

    Secure your regulatory environment by monitoring relevant legal updates

    From the moment a bill is introduced, you can track its progress, understand the legislative changes ahead and processed the implications, before they have even taken effect. Gain access to premium research and exclusive supplemental legal information, whilst fostering a deep understanding of your business' legislative requirements. Sectional history of amendments tables, commencement information and Gazette Notice references are all yours to review. Maintain regulatory compliance and be prepared for audit at any time, with archived alert summaries and record keeping of relevant commencement dates.


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