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  • Connecting the dots in the regulatory environment

    Maintaining compliance across your organisation requires a thorough grasp of the ever-changing regulatory environment. LexConnect allows you to see what Australian Standards are referenced within Australian legislation & CodeConnect enables you to see what Codes of Practice are referenced within Australian legislation.

    LexConnect, the link between Standards & legislation

    LexConnect enables you to:  

    • Search for a Standard by keyword or reference number
    • Identify where in the legislation the Standard is referenced
    • Discover other Standards referenced within that piece of legislation
    • Hyperlink from Standards through to the relevant legislation
    • Hyperlink to the Standards for purchase
    • View the legislation in which the Standard is referenced or indicates whether the Standard is referenced in legislation


    CodeConnect, the link between Codes of Practice & legislation

    CodeConnect enables you to: 

    • Connect Codes of Practice referenced within Australian legislation 
    • Identify which Standards are referenced in legislated Codes of Practice
    • Run a legislation title search for Codes of Practice in that legislation
    • Run a Code of Practice title search to find Codes of Practice referenced in legislation
    • Link through to a Code of Practice, taking you to the actual Code of Practice location within its governing body website

    These services are available as an add-on to any Lawlex or i2i subscription.

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