• Comprehensive visibility of S,H & E obligations ensures effective Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental policies. Get the tools you need to establish an in-house compliance obligations register, covering Australia and New Zealand jurisdictions. Satisfy regulatory requirements for all aspects of operations, whilst saving time, minimising costs and reducing your risk exposure. 

    Manage, monitor and stay on top of SH&E changes and obligations

    Automated alerts provide the latest SH&E changes, with support for continuous compliance through an in-house obligations register.

    Embedded regulatory management through alerts, notifications and newsfeeds

    Automated alerts put changes immediately into your inbox, while newsfeeds of curated content feature the latest legal and industry news.


    Search for connections between standards, industry codes and legislation


    Identify Standards, find mandatory Codes of Practice and Standards referenced in legislation to maintain regulatory compliance.


    Search and monitor legislation with Lawlex and Lawlex Premium


    Search authorised legislation from all Australian jurisdictions and stay on top of changes to legislation through monitoring tools.



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