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  • The SAI Global Regulatory Management Suite allows you to stay up to date with Australian legislation and manage compliance risks across your organisation.

    • A 360° view of your regulatory environment

      Discover a range of regulatory compliance management software to stay informed on legislative changes and developments to your regulatory requirements.

      • Lawlex: SAI Global Lawlex is a powerful, online legal research tool that provides access to a consolidated database of legislation from all Australian jurisdictions. Set customised alert profiles targeted to your specific requirements and receive email notifications within 24 hours of publicly announced changes.
      • LexConnect: Makes it easy to cross-reference which Australian Standards are referenced within Australian commonwealth legislation, state and territory legislation.
      • CodeConnect: Enables you to see what Codes of Practice are referenced within Australian legislation and where it is referenced while also identifying which Standards are referenced in legislated Codes of Practice.
      • Regulatory Newsfeeds: A regulatory news service that provides a weekly digest of legislative updates, legal news and changes from over 4,000 websites including policy, stakeholder opinions, safety issues and Codes of Practice.

      Transform your Regulatory Management with a comprehensive view of your unique legislative requirements and obligations.