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  • Edgen Murray's online Standards management transformation with SAI Global i2i

    An essential step to a digital Standards management solution to assist their change in business direction and adjust to the evolving environment.


    Edgen Murray, a Sumitomo Corporation Company, is a leading global supplier of specialised products for worldwide energy and infrastructure markets. They manage procurement and provide value-added services and delivery of high-performance plate, sections, pipe, fittings, flanges, and valves. The global distribution platform expands across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region.

    Challenges in an evolving landscape 

    The COVID-19 pandemic, as with many businesses, meant that Edgen Murray needed to find a solution to access the Standards required in the ever-changing manufacturing industry. As staff transitioned to work from home, the hard copy library of Standards could only be accessed on site.

    It was imperative the technical team have access to all manufacturing Standards used in the review processes of customer requirements and supplier procedures.

    Following the drastic shift in work environment for the organisation, was also a change in the business direction. This direction required focus on technically demanding projects where the inspection team would need access to Standards while overseas.

    "COVID-19 was the influencer behind moving to digital Standards management. Since then, the organisation has changed direction and will be working in project markets in various countries, where inspectors will require instant access to various Standards for review." 

    • Transitioning to an online solution, flexible to changing needs and projects 

      The process to transition to SAI Global i2i, was not only simple, but continues to be a flexible and cost-effective solution.  

      As Edgen Murray evolve, growth in new markets requires access to all Standards related to manufacturing of steel products, including the testing methods and requirements. As the needs of the business shift, the platform remains scalable and flexible.

      Edgen Murray & i2i 

      Through i2i, Edgen Murray have been able to: 

      • Quickly launch and implement an online solution due to remote working & inability to access hard copy library 

      • Enable staff of all technical abilities to access the online Standards library with little to no support needed 

      • Benefit from real time updates for both clients and across the supply chain 

      • Cross reference seamlessly between internal and industry Standards and policies 

      • Implement a secure and web-based solution, for multiple documents, users and sites 

      • Utilise access to the latest Standards to stay up to date in all markets 

      "Real time updates have meant we can advise clients on the latest changes in manufacturing and testing. This could lead to cost savings for all in the supply chain." 

      The ongoing benefits 

      Since the need to transition from hard copy to digital, i2i has allowed the technical team to improve efficiencies in the tender process as well as the document review process, reducing cycle time. As Edgen Murray have also secured new business in Asia, access to Standards is vital moving forward. 

      Through efficient service and support, SAI Global was able to meet the needs of Edgen Murray in a challenging and dynamic environment. Through demonstrating the capabilities and benefits of transitioning to an online Standards management platform, SAI Global was able to tailor and implement a digital solution quickly for their current needs, but also present a solution which can suit their changing needs in the future. 

      "SAI Global is a trusted partner supporting us in our journey into new technical demanding markets." - QHSE Director, Edgen Murray 

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