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  • A single source for Australian legislation, relevant Standards and Codes of Practice

    Staying on top changes to legislation doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. Lawlex provides you with the latest legislation at your fingertips. Search a single source of current Australian legislation, receive customisable email alerts when tracked legislation changes and use simple navigation and functionality to connect to the source of legislation.

    In addition to Lawlex, LexConnect and CodeConnect also help piece together the Standards and Codes of Practice world. They provide context within legislation such as which Standards and Codes are mentioned and where. 

    In the on-demand webinar, discover: 


    • How you can stay informed of your regulatory changes in real-time
    • An introduction to Lawlex, LexConnect and CodeConnect 
    • A brief overview of the SAI Global Regulatory Management Suite 
    • A demo of the Lawlex platform as well as LexConnect and CodeConnect and how they work to manage risk in an organisation
    • FAQs


    Gain control of your regulatory environment.