• Stay ahead of regulatory changes affecting your business
    and make smarter business decisions

    • Companies who comply with laws and regulations maintain public trust and avoid costly fines. But when laws change you can be caught off guard, non-compliant and at risk. With ever-changing regulations and round-the-clock news distractions, where do compliance officers turn?

      Our news alert platform helps you cut through the noise to obtain the legal news and commentary that impacts your business so you can act sooner rather than later.


      • Solution overview

        • Comprehensive legal news, regulatory developments and summaries delivered to your inbox
        • Legal experts compile and review content from over 3000 sources and provide you weekly analysis of changes in your industry's regulatory environment.


        • Benefits for your organisation


          Know the details, see the big picture

          Get relevant industry news aggregated from over 3,000 authoritative websites. We conduct and categorise the research for you, providing compliance, legal and department managers advance notice to take corrective action. Weekly updates ensure you're aware of the latest industry changes.

          Plain-language briefings, summaries and expert opinions allow you to focus on high-priority issues and strategically analyse your risk landscape.


          Make decisions with confidence

          When changing regulations affect compliance status, your team needs all relevant information to make the right business decisions. Get broad up-to-date coverage of Australian and international regulatory developments, plus link to valuable information beyond the legislative sphere.

          In addition to breaking industry news, access to official source documents enables detailed analysis of issues that could cause the highest business impact.


          Maintain historical perspective on regulatory change

          Understanding the history of change brings clarity and perspective to your overall GRC initiatives. Archived content enables users to conduct further research on historical legal and regulatory changes. Search by keyword and date range to pinpoint specific information or events.

          Research draft regulations, ministerial statements, Standards, amending legislation, consultation papers, Codes of Practice, regulator activity and more.


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