• Automated legislation alerts for safety, health and  
    environmental (SH&E) compliance

    • Staying current with changing work safety legislation is a time-consuming yet critical activity for effective risk management. That's why automated notifications for changing health, safety and environment laws are essential to maintaining responsible workplace safety practices.  

      Our solutions help you create custom alert profiles relevant to your operations and industry so you receive accurate, timely business intelligence needed to meet WHS requirements.
      • Solution overview

        • SH&E monitoring service covering regulatory changes across all Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions
        • Customisable alert options to suit industry and risk profiles


        • Benefits for your organisation


          Know which SH&E obligations affect your business

          Too much information can divert you from the right information. Tailored profiles assure you never miss a critical regulatory update. Stakeholders receive relevant obligations information addressing your business and industry, which enable your team to plan timely corrective action. 

          Know right away if obligations require changes to occupational safety policies, procedures or obligations registers. The payoff? Continuous compliance and sound risk management.


          Get all essential SH&E information in one place

          Stay informed and be prepared to minimise preventable risks before they become big problems. SH&E Monitor provides easy-to-digest weekly content from over 600 websites and tracks changes relevant to 15,000 obligations. Direct links to source material offer detailed context for deeper analysis.

          All developments are summarised by industry and business process for quick reading, allowing swift identification of changes and saving valuable research time.


          Establish a searchable historical record

          Content is archived on our Lawlex platform and provides a historical record of all obligations developments. Search and retrieve desired content by keywords, business process, jurisdiction and date, enabling users to easily locate past changes to SH&E obligations.

          Improve information gathering and compliance initiatives with quick communication of obligation changes to affected stakeholders, with summaries of how revisions apply to your business.


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