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  • Together SAI Global and Electrical Connection Magazine are hosting an online Wiring Rules Web Series. Hear what industry experts have to say about the changes, updates and additions to the Wiring Rules 2018.

    • Watch all past episodes below

      Episode 1: Learn about how the standards were developed, from initial industry feedback to how the scope for the Wiring Rules was formed. 

      Episode 2: Learn about issues around compliance and the mandatory nature of the Wiring Rules, what it means for Electricians and Electrical Contractors.

      Episode 3: Learn more about the challenges around safety for electrical contractors and why a focus on safety was critical when developing the Wiring Rules 2018. 

      Episode 4: Learn about  the changes and issues surrounding RCDs and how the standards have been modified over time.

      Episode 5: Learn about changes and updates to the Wiring Rules in the case of a natural disaster. 

      Episode 6: Learn about how changes in safety standards, particularly in regards to lighting, have been developed and updated.  

      Episode 7: Learn about proactive changes to the Wiring Rules, such as why and how Electric Vehicle Charging Stations were incorporated into the standards.

      Episode 8: Find out how the framework for the Wiring Rules 2018 book was developed. 

      Episode 9: Learn how the Wiring Rules 2018 was formed with emerging technologies in mind. 

      Episode 10: Find out answers on common user generated questions. 

      • The new Wiring Rules 2018 is here.

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      • 8 Benefits of Standards
      • Wiring Rules 2018

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