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  • Maximise your i2i capabilities

    i2i offers more than simple access to the Standards you need, it's a Standards Management solution built to keep you informed, collaborate with team members and access the information you need.

    • View full text versions

      With Click2View, view the full text versions of your technical documents & Standards, bookmark specific pages & add online notes.

      • Instant access to new documents

        Access documents in a matter of clicks with Unlock & Add. Review the price, request to unlock it & once approved, get access online.

        • All your documents, together

          Store your internal files and metadata in MyDocuments, keeping your internal and technical documents all in one place.

          • Effortlessly purchase Standards

            Open Deposit Accounts offer a streamlined purchasing process minimising purchase orders & helps to control your budget.

            • Access information beyond Standards

              With i2i, you can access supplier details, understand related Standards in the metals and materials market (including comparable products & materials), and easily identify differences between old and new versions of Standards. Access the information you need all in one place.

              • Metals Infobase

                Metals Infobase is a market leading database available via i2i that details 78,000+ global metal grades, 52,000+ metallurgical Standards and 15,000+ manufacturers & suppliers.

              • Materials Infobase

                Materials Infobase is a database available via i2i that details 115,000+ plastics, rubbers, adhesives, ceramics and more, combining a Materials, Standards and Supplier's database into one resource.

              • Compare

                Compare allows you to view the differences between two versions of a Standard through a side-by-side view and simple colour-coding to understand what data has been replaced, inserted and moved.

              • Ready to transform your Standards Management?

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