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  • AS 4454-2012

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    Composts, soil conditioners and mulches

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    Published date:  29-02-2012

    Publisher:  Standards Australia

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    Abstract - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Specifies requirements for composts, soil conditioners and mulches. This edition includes requirements for vermicast. It specifies minimum requirements to be met prior to labelling a product as a composted or pasteurized product. It also specifies physical and chemical requirements and documentation, which includes information to be supplied to the consumer and health warnings. Guidance is given on best practice for composting and vermicast systems designed to produce a quality product achieved by following an approved process.

    Scope - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    This Standard specifies requirements for organic products and mixtures of organic products that are to be used to amend the physical and chemical properties of natural or artificial soils and growing media. It specifies physical, chemical, biological and labelling requirements for composts, mulches, soil conditioners and related products that have been derived largely from compostable organic materials and which meet the minimum requirements as set out in this Standard. It covers products marketed or distributed both in bags and in bulk in an unrestricted manner in all market sectors including domestic use, urban landscaping, agriculture and land rehabilitation.This Standard applies to organic products and mixtures of organic products that have been treated by pasteurizing or composting procedures as defined by this Standard. Raw mulches that have not been subject to temperature-based pasteurization may be covered by this Standard if they are verified as being free of plant propagules and pathogens in accordance with Clause 3.2.1(b) of this Standard.This Standard does not apply to home composting end products for self-use, nor does it apply to organic fertilizers such as blood and bone. Also excluded are liquid organic wastes, liquid seaweed products, non-organic mulches (e.g. gravel), non-organic soils and soil conditioners (e.g. gypsum and sand), non-compostable organic materials (e.g. plastics) and materials variously described as 'compost starters' and 'activators'.Shredded garden organics (sometimes referred to as 'green waste', 'green organics', 'garden wastes' or 'yard wastes') that have not been subjected to either a pasteurization or composting procedure are specifically excluded from this Standard, mainly because they have a high probability of containing plant propagules and pathogens. Vermicast that has not been subject to pasteurization or composting before or after being worked by worms may be covered by this Standard if it passes the provisions of Appendices L and M, along with all the other criteria in Tables 3.1(A), 3.1(B) and 3.1(C).This Standard does not specify tests for specific or indicator plant pathogens due to a lack of validated methods.

    General Product Information - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    Committee CS-037
    Document Type Standard
    Publisher Standards Australia
    Status Current
    Under Revision

    History - (Show below) - (Hide below)

    First published as AS 4454-1997.
    Second edition 1999.
    Third edition 2003.
    Fourth edition 2012. Originated as AS 4454-1997. Previous edition 2003. Fourth edition 2012. Reissued incorporating Amendment No. 1 (June 2012). Reissued incorporating Amendment No. 2 (December 2018).

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    AS 5181:2017 Use and installation of turf as an erosion, nutrient and sediment control measure
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