• Fast, free legislation search across all Australian jurisdictions. With up to 90,000 amendments to legislation every year, it's difficult to keep up with the volume of changes.

    • Solution overview

      The Lawlex Premium Service keeps you informed and able to respond to changes as they happen. Just define your areas of interest (including specific acts and regulations) and within a day of any proposed or actual amendments being made publicly available, you will receive a Lawlex Legislative Alert containing:

      • Plain English summary highlighting the key features of the new legislation
      • A direct link to the official Government legislation, as available on the internet
      • A link to our tabulated summary of amendments at a section level when appropriate
      • Accurate dates of assent or proclamation of new legislation
      • Secure your regulatory environment by monitoring relevant legal updates

        From the moment a bill is introduced, you can track its progress, understand the legislative changes ahead and processed the implications, before they have even taken effect. Gain access to premium research and exclusive supplemental legal information, whilst fostering a deep understanding of your business' legislative requirements. Sectional history of amendments tables, commencement information and Gazette Notice references are all yours to review. Maintain regulatory compliance and be prepared for audit at any time, with archived alert summaries and record keeping of relevant commencement dates.

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