• Creating a culture of compliance is essential to stay competitive, in an environment that is heavily regulated. With insight into which Australian Standards are referenced in legislation and access to a full Code of Practice knowledge base, our suite of solutions connects everyone in your organisation to what's important.

    Solution Overview

    • A central repository delivering all available and relevant information to users, whilst connecting them to important legislation and standards.
    • Easy access to information about when a standard is mandated in legislation and where in that legislation it is referenced.
    • Details about what other standards are referenced in the same legislation.

    Confident compliance and legislative management with LexConnect

    LexConnect allows easy searches for standards and access to legislation, thanks to one central repository of information. Save time and boost productivity with dynamic search functions and one click access to legislation in which a Standard is referenced. LexConnect allows users to comprehensively explore standards in ways that provide meaning and context to compliance management. Perform searches by keyword or reference number, find out whether the Standard is mandated in legislation, where in that legislation it is referenced and what other standards are referenced in the same legislation.

    Reassurance through a comprehensive Code of Practice knowledge base

    Being able to access up to date and relevant Codes of Practice from all administrative bodies, across all industries gives your business certainty where it's most crucial. Code Connect not only offers a full repository of information, it also provides full connectivity and integration with Lawlex and Standards Online subscription services. All Codes of Practice can be kept track of in one centralised place, with information about mandatory and voluntary obligations clearly detailed. Your organisation saves time and money, whilst transforming its approach to regulatory management and compliance. 

    Centralised control of essential regulatory information

    An organisation's best chance at achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, is centralisation. Access to a premium Codes of Practice knowledge base can be transformative. There are over 4,000 references to Codes of Practice in Australian legislation, as well as referenced Australian Standards within those Codes, that are currently not maintained by any single governing body.

    Our suite of solutions secures regulatory compliance and organisational best practice in your organisation. Search and browse Australian Standards and easily find cross references between Codes of Practice and legislation.

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