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  • Standards provide the foundation for your business to confidently and strategically grow, in an increasingly competitive and complex market. Quality in-house content is informed by standards which means navigating intellectual property, copyright and licencing is crucial. Support from our team gives you confidence you are complying with copyright obligations.

    Solution Overview

    • Copyright licensing services help you to navigate the intellectual property rights requirements of multiple publishers and documents
    • They assist in securing the proper permissions for standards usage and provide easily customisable license solutions for your business' needs
    • Copyright licensing services provide reassurance and trust around copyright compliance, with a single supplier managing all publisher contracts

    Flexible licensing solutions customised to your compliance needs

    SAI Global provides flexible options to help you ensure the Standards content you use and reproduce is licensed and secure. Content that is free from infringement risk empowers your capacity to grow, adding an extra layer of certainty to your training materials, business reports and tenders. SAI Global advises on new licensed content options as well as reviewing existing corporate materials for compliance and validity. SAI Global's experience aggregating and distributing Standards gives you the confidence to use and creation dynamic content, free of risk and uncertainty. 

    Licensing services and content from leading industry publishers

    Access secure licensed content from leading industry publishers. We help you to secure the proper permissions for standards usage in Australia and internationally, through international Standards bodies and Standards development organisations worldwide.

    We work with the following leading publishers:

    • AS (Standards Australia) 
    • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
    • IEC (International Electrotechnical Committee)
    • ENA (Energy Networks Association) 
    • CIA (Concrete Institute of Australia) 
    • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 
    • IES (Illuminating Engineering Society)

    Secure copyright permissions across multiple publishers and documents

    SAI Global's expertise helps you navigate the complexities of securing copyright permissions and licensing for the Standards you need. We make copyright permissions easy, customising Standards copyrights and licensing conditions to your requirements. Permissions can be obtained for content that will be used internally and externally. Licencing can be tailored to the use and sharing of either full standards or specific extracts from relevant standards. Our services secure the licensing permissions you need, across multiple publishers and documents, as required by your business.

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