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  • Maximise your i2i capabilities

    i2i offers more than simple access to the Standards you need, it's a Standards Management solution built to keep you informed, collaborate with team members and access the information you need.

    • View full text versions

      With Click2View, view the full text versions of your technical documents & Standards, bookmark specific pages & add online notes.

      • Instant access to new documents

        Access documents in a matter of clicks with Unlock & Add. Review the price, request to unlock it & once approved, get access online.

        • All your documents, together

          Store your internal files and metadata in MyDocuments, keeping your internal and technical documents all in one place.

          • Effortlessly purchase Standards

            Open Deposit Accounts offer a streamlined purchasing process minimising purchase orders & helps to control your budget.

            • Access information beyond Standards

              With i2i, you can access supplier details, understand related Standards in the metals and materials market (including comparable products & materials), and easily identify differences between old and new versions of Standards. Access the information you need all in one place.

              • Metals Infobase

                Metals Infobase is a market leading database available via i2i that details 78,000+ global metal grades, 52,000+ metallurgical Standards and 15,000+ manufacturers & suppliers.

              • Materials Infobase

                Materials Infobase is a database available via i2i that details 115,000+ plastics, rubbers, adhesives, ceramics and more, combining a Materials, Standards and Supplier's database into one resource.

              • Redlines

                Redlines allows you to easily identify differences between new and old versions of Standards. With Publisher Redlines, SAI Redline or the Redline Report, it will keep you informed whenever there's a change.

              • Ready to transform your Standards Management?

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