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  • With thousands of standards from literally hundreds of publishers to wade through, keeping on top of your compliance obligations can be challenging to say the least. There are more than 890,000 Standards currently published. This makes it essential that everyone in your organisation knows about updates, amendments or new releases of standards, as they happen.

    Solution Overview

    - Online subscriber-only information service that updates key members of your team with changes to standards relevant to your industry

    - Premium licensing options give customisable access to specific standards and relevant subject areas by industry or subject

    - Single and multi-licence packs cater to individual business needs, ensuring everyone on your team who needs to be informed is a subscriber


    Automatic tracking of changes to standards

    Constant monitoring of standards to pick up changes and updates is a laborious and inefficient process. While the last missed update is being picked up and integrated, a new one has been created. Automating the tracking of standards changes, eliminates high risk organisational habits, such as referencing outdated or withdrawn standards, or realising too late that your existing version has been superseded. 

    Timely notifications enable you to stay in compliance. Missing the simplest of updates can have a huge impact on your organisation's capacity for compliance, jeopardising quality assurance and risk management procedures. 

    Customise notifications based on the needs of your business

    Knowing which standards have changed and what those changes are, is essential to avoid costly and harmful mistakes being made. With flexible tracking options, your team can monitor individual standards or collections, through automated email alerts. Updates keep everyone in the loop about Australian and International Standards, along with reports about history, status and draft amendments. Critical updates can be received instantly thanks to customisable alerts and notifications. Whatever solution you need, our standards tracking services keep your team informed whenever relevant changes occur.

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