• The risk of non-compliance increases as our world becomes more complex. Changes in legislation and regulations must be known immediately and quickly integrated into existing policies and procedures. Compliance officers can confidently keep on top of regulatory changes through SAI Global's customised news alert platform, feeding out essential legal news and commentary as it happens. 

    Solution Overview

    • Have the very latest in legal news and regulatory developments comprehensively sourced and delivered to your inbox
    • Summarised updates compiled and reviewed by legal experts and curated from over 3000 reputable sources
    • Insightful weekly information and analysis, keeping you informed on industry and regulatory changes

    Panoramic insights from authoritative sources

    Regulatory Newsfeeds provide a concise and up to date summary of information, based on aggregated news content from more than 3,000 authoritative publishing sources. Industry experts conduct the research, categorise the results and prepare weekly updates that provide the very latest in need-to-know content. From compliance, legal and industry changes to expert opinions and insights, key department managers can focus on the most timely and relevant issues, from a thoroughly informed perspective. Our Newsfeeds provide the details so you can see the big picture.  

    Advance confidently with informed decision making  

    Essential business decisions can only be made when the most accurate and timely information is delivered to key decision makers. Newsfeeds provide a comprehensive, up to date coverage of Australian and foreign regulatory developments, breaking industry news and changes that can affect compliance status.  

    Lack of knowledge can have a huge impact on a business' output, so managers must be agile and responsive when making decisions. With changing regulations instantly affecting a business' compliance status, a trusted source of valuable industry information is crucial.    

    Regulatory change in the historical context

    Implementing governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) initiatives into a business' operations requires a firm grasp of context, historical change and future needs. Maintaining a historical perspective ensures a clearer and more concise approach to necessary regulatory changes. Detailed searches of archival content via keyword and date range can zoom in on specific information, from draft regulations, standards and regulator activity, to amended legislation and Codes of Practice. Understanding history brings clarity and insight, informing future amendments to create meaningful change.     

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