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  • Power up your business with i2i, SAI Global's innovative standards management solution. 

    • i2i will help you reduce risk through clearer visibility, centralisation, consistency, and collaboration. With i2i you always have the latest standards, setting you ahead of the competition.

      With i2i you only pay for the standards you use, when you need them. Price transparency means you control your costs. 

      Why i2i?


      Access to a centralised content library from over 360 publishers

      With i2i you can be confident that all the standards you need are in one easily searchable place. 


      Contextual approach with easy to use features

      Our search feature is fast, easy and intuitive for non-technical users. With i2i you can be up and running immediately.


      Control cost and resource management

      Unlike many standards solutions, i2i is simple and flexible to your business size. You will only pay for what you need and nothing that you don't.


      Stay informed about current changes

      With i2i you will always have the latest standards, setting your business ahead of the competition. 

      "People associate Dulux with quality. Part of the pursuit of excellence comes from ensuring we are up to date with the latest industry standards. With the i2i platform, Dulux has easy and efficient access to standards and related documents, providing us the ability to produce accurate & relevant specifications to the market place."

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