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  • Building Codes + Standards

    Gain online access to the NCC/BCA/PCA  and all of the Standards referenced within it


    Working in the building industry, it's vital that your projects comply with the latest Building Codes. But keeping track of changes and amendments to the Building Codes and referenced Standards can be difficult. Especially if you have to sift through multiple hardcopies.

    How  the Building Codes + Standards service works

    You can:

    • Log-in anytime, anywhere, from any PC.
    • Configure the StandardsWatch (hyperlink) alerting service to tell you when a publication has changed
    • Print any publication or part thereof for easy off-site reference.
    • Save the publication to your desktop for easy reference without logging into the service.
    • Cost-effectively share access to the Building Codes + Standards within your organisation with licencing options for any number of concurrent logins

    *Please note that due to copyright obligations a few Standards and other publications cannot be accessed or printed.


    What’s included in the Building Codes + Standards subscription service


    • Building Code of Australia (BCA) – Volume 1 – Class 2 to 9 Buildings (Commercial buildings).
    • Building Code of Australia (BCA) – Volume 2 – Class 1 and 10 Buildings (Housing provisions).
    • Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) – Volume 3.
    • Over 200 referenced Standards (over 150 for the BCA and 40 for the PCA).
    • The Australian Building Regulation Bulletin.
    • Archived Building Code volumes dating back to 1988 (for on-line version).
    • The ability to control the costs of researching and managing your technical information.
    • Fast and comprehensive searching of Building Code Volumes and Referenced Standards.
    • The most efficient way to share access to the relevant Standards.
    • Unlimited 24-hour access.
    • About the building codes

    The National Construction Code (NCC) provides a nationally accepted and uniform set of technical requirements for all areas of building, from design to construction. It is developed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) on behalf of the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, the BCA is referred to as the building regulation in all States and Territories.

    The NCC includes the Building Code of Australia (BCA) (Volume 1&2) and Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) (Volume 3).

    It covers such topics as structure, fire resistance, health and amenity, plumbing, building access and egress and building services & equipment. It comes in three volumes:

    • Volume 1 (BCA): Commercial Buildings (- Class 2 to 9 buildings)
    • Volume 2 (BCA): Residential Construction also known as the Housing Provisions (Class 1 and 10 buildings)
    • Volume 3 (PCA): The Plumbing Code of Australia
    • The Building codes + Standards packages are available in two formats – online or on CD

    The following prices include GST for a single user licence:

    NCC Subscription Service: $2690.60

    BCA Subscription Service: $2,548.70

    PCA Subscription Service: $886.60

    Product Details:

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