• Get Alerts When OHS Laws Change

    Know exactly which business process obligation you need to update.

    With up to 10,000 safety obligations and the potential for 1,500 changes per year, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date. Safety, Health & Environment (SH&E) Monitor delivers weekly updates on recent safety laws, news and initiatives in relation to business process compliance and workplace safety, including:

    • All Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions
    • Acts and Regulations
    • Australian, New Zealand and International Standards
    • Codes of Practice
    • Guidance notes
    • Industry practice guidelines and safety alerts

    What you get with SH&E Monitor
    • Australia's most comprehensive coverage of Australian and New Zealand SH&E regulatory changes monitored across more than 650 websites.
    • Updates you on not only 'what' has changed but 'how' these changes affect your business processes, providing guidance for their application
    • More transparency of SH&E changes across SH&E professionals, boards and committees.
    • Weekly updates of SH&E changes

    What our clients say

    “As an EHS professional with responsibility across multiple industry sectors and several states, I rely on the weekly SHE Monitor legal updates to alert us when our EHS business processes may be affected and require an internal review or update.”

    Mark Davies,
    EHS & CSR Director
    Alstom Limited

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