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    Assessment FAQ's

    When is my assessment due to be lodged?
    Assessments are due to be submitted within 6 months of the course completion date. This would be the same “date” 6 months later. 

    I.e. If the course finishes on June 3rd, the due date would be December 3rd.

    How can I submit my assessment?
    All assessments must be submitted electronically. If posting an assessment, you must keep a copy of the original assessment works in the event SAI Global does not receive your submission, or requires you to resubmit your assessment at a later time.

    If I have more than 3 files what should I do?
    Compress the files to a zipped folder and upload the document on the portal. To compress the files, follow the below process:
    Highlight all the files > Right Click > Send to Compressed (Zipped) File > Name the Folder

    How long does it take for my assessment to be marked?
    SAI Global will advise you that we have received your assessment via email notification. Assessments and results will be forwarded to you within 4 – 6 weeks from this date.

    I have received my assessment results but haven't received my Certificate, where is it?
    Certificates will be issued approximately 2 weeks after the notice of competency has been sent. For further details, please see Certificate & Archive requests (coming soon). 

    I need further assistance with an assessment question, how do I contact a facilitator?
    As our facilitators are often in class teaching or auditing, they may not be able to answer your question immediately. Facilitators are able to contact participants to discuss the request if a written submission has been sent.  Please email: training@saiglobal.com with the following information and a facilitator will contact you within 3 business days.
    a)      Your name and the course you attended
    b)      The question you need assistance with
    c)      Brief outline on how we can help you
    A facilitator may not be able contact you within 3 business days if the above information has not been provided.

    How will I know if I have been found competent or not yet competent?
    If you are marked competent, you will receive a certificate. If the assessor needs more information to mark you competent you will be sent an email from the assessor directly. If you are not marked competent, you will be contacted by a member of the team. You will be allowed 2 resubmissions.

    What if I disagree with the result of my assessment?
    If you would like to appeal the outcome or provide feedback on the assessment process please contact SAI Global customer service at: training@saiglobal.com

    I am unable to submit my assessment by the due date, how can I request an extension?
    To apply for an extension to your submission date, please download and complete the Application for Assessment Extension form and resubmit to SAI Global with your supporting documents

    I’ve lost a copy of my assessment paper and need a copy resent.
    Please email customer service at training@saiglobal.com and a valid version of the assessment will be emailed to you.

    I have lost my course cover sheet.
    A course cover sheet can be downloaded by clicking here.

    I need to resubmit an assessment, how can I do this?
    Your facilitator will advise you what documents will need to be resubmitted and where to send them. If you are still unsure, please call Customer Service on 1300 727 444.

    When I receive my competent result from SAI Global for my Lead Auditors course, does this mean I am now a certified Lead Auditor?
    No, SAI Global provides you with the training and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of becoming a Lead Auditor. You will still need to contact Exemplar Global directly to become accredited as a lead Auditor.