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  • What is ISO 9001:2015? 

    ISO 9001 sets out the framework for businesses to organise processes, improve efficiency and create overall satisfied customers, employees and management. There are no limitations for what type of organisation this standard is applied to, whether it's a small to medium size enterprise or a multinational company, ISO 9001:2015 is applicable to all. 

    • What are the benefits of ISO 9001:2015? 

      1. Improves Efficiency 

      An effective quality management system allows preventative measures to take place, so time-consuming and wasteful matters can be avoided altogether. No process is perfect, however a well-run Quality Management System  does allow organisations to fulfill integrity and improve efficiency.    

      2. Focus on Leadership

      ISO 9001 brings the senior leadership team to the center of the management system. By making leaders accountable for its effectiveness, you can develop and improve the capabilities to achieve your organisations strategic objectives.

      3. Builds Customer Confidence

      By certifying to the standard, ISO 9001 provides the perfect foundation to build relationships with your customers. Actively engaging with customers, through formal feedback processes, allows an alignment of your organisations objectives with customer needs and expectations.  

      4. Edge over Competitors

      Your competitive advantage comes from your point of difference delivered consistently to a quality level that cannot be easily replicated. ISO 9001 enables your organisation to establish a framework that ensures quality best practices are in place to give your organisation more opportunities for growth. 

      5. Financially Beneficial

      Being certified with ISO 9001:2015 will not only give you an edge over your competitors but it could also mean more business, and therefore more revenue. ISO 9001:2015 requires organisations certified to identify opportunities for continual improvement. By improving your capability to do more business, and reduce costly waste, you can achieve a more profitable business.

      • Quality management systems - requirements

        ISO 9001: 2015

        Specifies requirements for a quality management system for an organisation to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

      • Quality management certification

        ISO 9001 Certification

        Drive business growth and meet your compliance requirements with ISO 9001 certification. Speak to an expert to learn more.

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