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  • Collaborate, Connect, and Communicate with Confidence for Competitive Advantage

    • Managing your supply chain is crucial to the success and quality of your product. It is essential that Medical Device companies reduce their margins for error and have confidence that internal and external stakeholders are working according to the same business principles, Standards and regulations.

      Content Management System - SAI Global's Participate Platform

      SAI Global's Participate platform, with its strong collaboration features, enables your organisation to gain greater clarity, consistency and visibility across the Standards and regulatory environment that impacts your business, supply chain partners or your external stakeholders. Participate is a dynamic content management system with bespoke collaboration, workflow and communication tools enabling the value and supply chain to stay connected, with confidence.

      Participate offers the following features and benefits:

      Content Management

      • Information creation (policies, technical documents, SOPs and specifications) in a secure online publishing environment.
      • Dynamic content accessible by internal and external stakeholders which can be maintained and edited throughout full product lifecycle with powerful collaboration tools.


      • Invite others to help shape content with comments, reviews, rating and discussion groups - ideal for supply engagement and ongoing supplier relationships.
      • Version controls can be configured with various levels of sign off.
      • Share content with others wherever they are: internal or external, based locally or remotely.
      • Discussion boards provide a forum for interaction.


      • Access to newsfeeds and data trends giving insight to the fully supply chain geographically.
      • Enabling risk based thinking around company policy management across the value and supply chain.
      • Manage risk by giving suppliers access to your internal policies and Standards ensuring that all parties are working from the same compliant standpoint.
      • Standards Management
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      • EU MDR 2021 and Beyond:

      • Stay on top of Regulatory Obligations

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