• "i2i helped us save money and improve collaboration amongst our globally dispersed teams."


      Saipem S.P.A. is a world leader in the oil and gas contractor services industry. A subsidiary of Italian energy company Eni, Saipem provides engineering, procurement and project management services all over the world. This includes the construction of pipelines, plants and drilling platforms both on and offshore.

      "The various project offices had access to collections that were not aligned and not always updated. Finding the right document could therefore be very time-consuming”.

      In response to these problems, Saipem contacted SAI Global for a solution that would enable it to share Standards amongst its globally dispersed teams and improve how they collaborated and shared information.

      The Challenge 

      Saipem is renowned for its expertise in managing tough and technologically challenging projects, often in remote or deepwater areas drilling for 'difficult' oil. Saipem's teams and departments needed to be able to access Standards and compliance information on a near daily basis for the construction of pipelines and refineries. With operations all over the world, Saipem had a number of different subscriptions with different Standards providers.

      This was causing problems because it meant Saipem had separate collections of Standards that couldn't be viewed or shared amongst its globally spread teams:

      • Wasting money - Without knowing which Standards had already been purchased, teams in different countries were buying the same Standards. This was wasting money that could have been better spent on Standards Saipem didn't already own
      • At risk of using the wrong Standard - Keeping collections of Standards separate meant it was difficult for globally dispersed teams to collaborate, add notes and share ideas on which was the correct Standard to use in a specific situation
      • Required for the bidding process - The correct Standards had to be attached to tenders during the bidding process
      • Identifying the correct building materials - Saipem required the correct Standards to ensure the correct building materials were used
      • Wasted time - Operations and teams would be at a standstill until the correct Standard was located and the correct requirements applied.
      • The Solution

        SAI Global provided Saipem with its market leading i2i Standards Management Platform. i2i is a flexible and cost effective Standards management solution that provides complete visibility and tracking on which Standards have been used, in which location and how frequently.


        Accessible through the internet, i2i provides Saipem's globally dispersed teams with a central resource of over 1 million Standards from all key national and international publishers. With all user activity tracked, i2i enables Saipem to see exactly which Standards have been purchased so it can avoid wasting money on duplicate copies.


        i2i's customisation tools also enable Saipem's teams and departments to create customised collections of Standards to which they could add their own notes, ideas and links to external resources. This has enabled Saipem to create a central repository of key information that can be shared amongst its operations all over the world.


        With i2i Saipem can buy a collection of Standards that are applicable to its industry. This is a far more cost effective than having to buy a complete package of Standards in which many of the Standards might be irrelevant and unusable. 


        Setting up login access was quick and easy - requiring just the provision of domain names. This avoided the delay and complexity of having to collect email addresses for every Saipem employee requiring access. i2i's login setup also ensured copyright integrity could be protected as only authorised users could access Saipem's account and every action would be tracked.

        "i2i is an open, trustworthy and honest way of providing Standards. We can see what's been used, where and what it's costing. The sharing of Standards information has improved how our teams work together and save costs. SAI Global has great energy and, above all, they're easy to work with."


        The Benefits

        SAI Global's i2i's flexibility and centralised access provides Saipem with a range of benefits:


        Globally dispersed teams can more easily share technical specs, notes and ideas. This has improved decision making.


        i2i's tracking has enabled Saipem to identify which Standards have already been purchased and which are used most frequently. This drives smarter budget decisions.


        With i2i, Saipem knows it is using the latest and correct Standard available.


        i2i gives Saipem's employees the opportunity to study Standards and become more technically proficient.


        Wherever located, engineers can search, read and download the latest technical Standards in electronic form and get back to work, rather than having to wait for hard copies in the post.

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